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The New Emotion Medicine can Transform your Life

As a psychiatrist well-versed in the classical techniques of my discipline, but often disappointed with their results, I explain in my book the basis of what could be called "a new emotion medicine".

What if we could cure stress, anxiety and depression without drugs and without talk therapy ?

50 to 75 % of visits to a doctor are motivated by problems linked to stress, which is a more serious risk factor for health than tobacco ; the eight most commonly prescribed drugs are for problems directly linked to stress... and Americans and Europeans alike are consuming more antidepressants and tranquilizers every year.

These drugs, as indispensible as they are in some circumstances, have a limited efficacy and they cause side-effects. As for psychoanalysis-inspired treatments, apart from the fact that they are not accessible to everyone, it has never been possible to demonstrate their efficacy in a convincing way.

My book therefore proposes seven other methods to heal : Straightforward, effective, natural, with rapid and long-lasting results, without risks or side-effects, and all validated by rigorous scientific studies. They offer everyone, without exception, the means to regain control of their own life.


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Disclaimer : The object of this site is to accompany the information contained in the book "The Instinct to Heal." Its content is absolutely not meant as a substitute to the advice of a trained therapist or medical doctor. This site does not pretend to diagnose medical conditions, and it makes no recomendations regarding medical treatments for such conditions.

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